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NOV. 2015- Casting For Don't Bring Flowers to Dinner the series begins.

DEC. 4, 2015- Filming begins on location for the original series Don't Bring Flowers to Dinner.



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KKP Films is a subsidiary of Kyle Keye Presents, Inc and is home to several original movies and television projects. Created by our in-house production team, KKP Films aims to produce original content that will be viewed and enjoyed by audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

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Kyle Keye Presents, Inc is a creative-writing firm based in Atlanta, Ga. that specializes in creating Original Scripts and Screenplays. The dynamic duo writing team of Kyle Keye and Terence Rice II work together to create original and unique content that appeals to a wide-range audience.

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Always wanted to invest in the growing film industry but wasn't sure how to get started? Find out how you can become an investor on the investment team at Kyle Keye Presents, Inc. Email, info@kylekeyepresents.comfor more information.