About Kyle Keye Presents, Inc

Kyle Keye Presents, Inc. (KKP Inc.) is a creative writing firm that specializes in writing Business and Marketing plans as well as producing scripts for: film, television, theatre, and all emerging digital technologies. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, our team of diverse writers and producers aim to deliver outstanding quality service to all of our clients. Our Entertainment Writing

Division works tirelessly to create entertainment that’s “A Break from the Norm to Keep You Entertained!” We work around the clock to presents our audiences with the best in stage, film, and television entertainment. We are committed to the task of helping others achieve their dreams in the entertainment industry by devoting our resources and those of our partners and affiliates, to every project we develop, produce, or affiliate ourselves with.

Kyle Keye Presents, Inc is committed to offering a high quality product with all of our plays, films, and television entertainment. We aim to create and produce a well-diverse array of thought-provoking and easily relatable catalog of films, stage plays, and televisions shows that will keep our audience entertained. Simply put, we are in the business of Transforming Dreams into Reality!​

In The News

College Orientation The Moive

Our first full length motion picture is scheduled to begin filming July 2015. Pleae visit, www.collegeorientationthemovie.com for more info. 

The Open Door Stage Play

the Premiere of this amazing stage play will be March 14, 2015 at Seby Jones Auditorim in Raleigh, NC. Be sure to check out the website, www.theopendoor12.com for ticket information and future tour dates. 

Vinark Motion Pictures Joint Venture

​Kyle Keye Presents, Inc and Vinark Motion Pictures Studios out of LA have joined forced to bring you some exciting films.

A Break from the Norm

Here at Kyle Keye Presents, Inc we strive to create entertainment that is a Break From the Norm to Keep You Entertained!